College ruled Paper vs Wide Ruled

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Do you know differential about college ruled paper vs wide ruled? When we were children, learning to write was the first thing we did. Papers to start learning to write usually use Wide-Ruled paper, this aims to help make writing easier because we are still learning.

When we reach the age of school children, and enter grade 3 or grade 4, we will be presented with college ruled-papers. College ruled papers are smaller and have more lines than ruled-wide papers.

Difference Between Wide Ruled And College Ruled

So college ruled paper vs wide ruled is simply the difference in the form of lines or line areas in papers.

The College ruled papers are designed for colleges who are good at writing, so they don’t need a broad outline.

Meanwhile, Wide ruled papers are designed for children who are just starting to learn to write, who still often make mistakes in writing.

Difference Between Wide Ruled And College Ruled

Example Difference Between Wide Ruled And College Ruled

College Ruled Paper

College ruled paper is paper printing designed with lines guided for handwriting. This is lines are printed in light colour. The line designing with horizontal to help hand writing, and vertical lines are provided for margins.

In additional, college ruled paper designed with grid ruled, horizontal lines and vertical lines. This is designed for writing data, or creating graph.

College Ruled Paper

College Ruled Paper horizontal lines

College Ruled Paper Grid

College Ruled Paper Grid

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