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For many students, the main difficulty when it comes to learning mathematics is finding and using the various Math Aids Graph Paper products that are available. While graph paper for children can be found in almost any store selling educational supplies, most teachers still recommend purchasing the most sophisticated and expensive mathematics worksheets or reference guides. Finding these often involves going shopping around a large retail chain or via the Internet, and many teachers question whether they are actually worth all of the time and money that they cost.

To answer the question posed in the title, a worksheet will produce a better grade level than a traditional graph paper will. Many graph sheets contain pre-made shapes and patterns which students are taught to identify and copy from a worksheet. A worksheet will not teach a student how to manipulate a shape on a page, as a worksheet will allow the student to simply copy the information that is required for their grade level. Graph paper will not help a student complete any problem solving exercises or improve their problem solving skills.

The second difficulty encountered with worksheets and other types of mathematical aids are the lack of variety. There are only so many shapes and patterns which a student can copy or imitate from each worksheet. If they are given two worksheets to solve a multiplication problem, they are limited to solving those two equations. They may also have no choice but to copy from the common grid pattern on the page.

While it is true that many worksheets contain basic graphing shapes, a student should learn how to read the different shapes that are used in each worksheet. This will make it much easier for them to solve problems or create new patterns by combining the common shapes with the mathematical one. The vast majority of graph paper products that are sold today are mathematically based. A math teacher may still recommend some mathematically based worksheets, but the majority should be based on graph paper.

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Lastly, many graph paper products are poorly designed. Pieces of paper, which are printed with lines and not with symbols or pictures are difficult for students to read. Poorly designed graph paper products cause students to spend more time trying to solve the problems than actually learning the concepts of the lesson. This can become a very bad habit. Once a student develops the habit of reading graphs without understanding what they are, they will rarely stop doing so.

math aids graph paper
math aids graph paper

Many math worksheets and other math aids are effective teaching tools. However, they must be used properly if a student wants to get the most benefit out of them. By following these tips, a student can improve the effectiveness of his or her math learning.