Purchase Order Template

purchase order template is basically a legal document delivered by the customer to the seller setting out the terms of the sale. If there before existed no written agreement between both parties then this legal document can serve as a legal contract when signed by both parties. These documents are usually legally binding, having absolute, irrevocable, express, implied and qualified signatures. The purchaser on the other hand must acknowledge the date of receipt of the document and sign it.


It is very easy to create a purchase order form in Microsoft Word. You will need to have all the relevant information ready, as the fields given here are required. This includes the name of the company, names of the customers, address, invoice number etc. To save your work as a template, you will have to choose “file” and then “New” and type the necessary information into the appropriate cells.


One of the major advantages of using a purchase order template form in Microsoft Word is that it can be customized and used to create invoice and shipping labels. Once you have created the invoice, the buyers can easily customize it by adding their own text and data. The buyer can also add a note regarding the type of goods purchased, quantity etc. which can be added to the invoice and delivered to the vendors. If required the vendor can also provide a proof of delivery. Also there is a facility to enter the product codes of products bought.


Invoices can be generated from a Microsoft Office application, which is integrated with the Word application. First, the list of purchases will have to be generated, and this can be done by using the Purchase Order Lookup tool available on Word. Once this has been completed the buyer should go to “Change” and select “aunder.” Once done, the buyer should select “Save as” and enter the invoice number. Now the invoice is ready for use in the purchasing process.

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In case of any problems or queries regarding the purchase order to invoice a customer can email the supplier or the Buyer. The supplier can re-key the invoice to make necessary changes. Also, in case of disputes the buyer can ask the supplier to re-key the invoice. In case there are any errors in the information provided on the invoice a business can get a refund or reimbursement.


To save the document to your computer, you need to choose the Save As an option, then choose the location of where you want to save the file. Now you can either open the file directly in Microsoft Word or you can choose one of the many templates available on the web. When opening the file choose the default format for Microsoft Word. This will save the document in that format. To view this file you need to click on the arrow next to “inflation” in Microsoft Word, then choose the “toggle” icon and open the file in that format.


Types Of Purchase Orders Template

purchase order is an essential part of the stock purchasing process. This document clearly spells out the inventory purchase order template from the purchaser to the manufacturer. These documents also indicate what items are available from the manufacturer, at what price, and for how long. All these are important factors when a business decides to purchase large quantities of inventory.

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The terms and conditions outlined in purchase orders are legally binding, so they are intended to keep both the seller and the business responsible. Businesses that follow purchase order procedures correctly are able to maximize their profits, minimize their risk, and increase productivity.


In most cases, a purchase order describes the quantity of goods a customer can purchase from a seller. It also determines how much money the seller will pay the manufacturer to supply the requested goods. The term agreed upon is usually the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If the buyer wants to buy more than the suggested price, the quantity he purchases must be increased, sometimes by adding a certain amount of postage. When a contract for quantities is in force, the price will not change unless the quantity request is changed.


In some instances, a business can use planned purchase orders to control the number of units the business needs to produce in a short time. For example, if a business plans to release a limited amount of promotional goods to a selected group of customers, it can use a planned purchase order to control the number of goods that the business has to order.

Planning can also be used to improve the business’s profitability. For example, if a business plans to increase the number of units it sells during a holiday season by selling five times more of a given item, it can increase its profit margin by reducing the unit price by a larger amount.


1. Standard Purchase Order Template

Standard Purchase Order Template
Standard Purchase Order Template

A Standard Purchase Order Template (SPOT) is a set of standard worksheets or documents that are used for creating, signing and other business transactions. It enables the buyer and seller to complete business transactions in a short period of time.

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SPOT worksheets are created and printed in just a few minutes. They can be used for a long duration of time because they have an extensive variety of different tasks which can be performed on them. There are various types of SPOTs available for a range of different purposes.


For instance, if a buyer wants to place a bulk order of products from an online store, then a standard purchase order management system (SPOM) can be used. The SPOM works by generating different forms for different forms of business transactions. The forms can be used to record the name and address of the person to whom the products will be purchased, the total amount and date of purchase, as well as the shipping and handling charges and the product warranty details. Other fields can also be created and added to the forms.


If a buyer intends to buy goods from a supplier, a Standard Purchase Order Template (SPOT) can be used. The SPOT works by enabling the buyer to enter his details in a text box, specifying the quantity of the items to be purchased, the supplier and product he wishes to purchase and the payment method and address of the buyer.

Once a buyer has entered all these details, the system can generate the necessary form(s). These forms can be then used by the supplier, who in turn, can use them to communicate with the buyer. The supplier can communicate with the buyer by phone, pager, e-mail or fax and by using a network of contacts in various places around the world.

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2. Blanket Purchase Order Template

Blanket Purchase Order Template is crucial for any business whether it be a business institution or a person. Buy orders are orders which are issued by a buyer to a supplier to secure specific goods or services from the seller.

They are used in almost any industry, be it buying raw materials, machinery, or even services. Most of these templates have similar characteristics like all the fields have blank spaces and are required to fill in the requisite details.


Blanket Purchase Order Template
Blanket Purchase Order Template


Blanket Purchase Order template serves as an order management system that is both simple and easy to use. The template allows users to record product information, quantity, serial numbers, delivery date, time of shipment, and more. Most of these templates provide spaces for various invoice fields. One can also record other product information like pricing and product description.


The simplicity of these purchase order template makes them a viable option for companies and individuals who don’t have the resources to create their own software or hardware. You can also import your own data from a database, which can include customer records, supplier records, etc.

These simple purchase order forms help save on time and money. Many companies offer these templates free of charge while some others charge a minimal fee. The free templates are usually very basic and one will have to tailor them according to their requirements.


3. Contract Purchase Order Template

An invoice purchase order template is a blank invoice generally prepared by a vendor prior to placing an order with a supplier. It is commonly used when a seller does not have sufficient inventory or wish to order in bulk amounts. This template is important as it prepares the document with regards to describing the goods and services being supplied by the vendor to the customer.

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This template also acts as an invoice so that both the seller and the customer know what they are paying for. These templates are widely used by businesses both large and small. However, these templates may be freely available on the internet or maybe purchased from a supplier.

Contract Purchase Order Template
Contract Purchase Order Template


There are two types of invoice form – the oder form and the sheet form. The order form contains the most basic details to the sheet form contain additional fields for different invoice types. Some of these fields are clearly listed, whereas others may be explained below.


If you wish to use this template, it should be downloaded from the internet and saved onto your computer. However, if you are using a CD-ROM it will not work. Once the template has been saved onto your computer, you need to open the template in excel. You can select the fields required for your contract to purchase from the drop-down menu and fill them in accordingly.

4. Planned Purchase Order Template

purchase order template, or Po, is an official document that a buyer requests from a seller or supplier to authorize a sale. Po’s are used to legally bind the seller into making purchases on the seller’s behalf, to facilitate trade. In order to avoid being defrauded, po’s are signed and recorded in government-approved ink.

Buyers typically request Po’s when they are ready to purchase wholesale products, such as electronics, computers, music systems and gaming systems. Many sellers accept Po’s as part of their standard sales agreement. Some even offer buyers a free Po with the purchase of a certain number of products.

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Planned Purchase Order
Planned Purchase Order


Buyers who arrange for planned purchase order template are commonly referred to as Contract buyers. Their role is similar to that of a vendor, except they work directly with the seller and do not have to rely on the services of a third-party intermediary.

In many cases, these individuals also take care of many of the legal aspects of the transaction, including arranging the purchase order template and ensuring that the seller complies with applicable laws. In a few cases, business owners use Po’s in conjunction with contract purchase order template to provide extra protection to their business interests.


One of the most common reasons a business owner or consumer would use a Po is to establish a binding agreement between buyer and supplier. For example, the United Kingdom Consumer Credit Group recommends using a Po to create a binding agreement between yourself and your supplier.

The Group believes that a contract purchase order (CPO) is an excellent way to protect yourself, your business, and your consumers by setting out clearly the terms of sale. Other organizations that support the use of Po’s include the American Society of Productive Contracts and the American Institute of Certified Fraud Investigators.